Sliding Wardrobes

Advantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Choosing sliderobes for your bedroom storage requirements can offer a few advantages over the more traditional hinged door style fitted wardrobes.

» Sliding Wardrobes can be great in smaller bedrooms where space is limited since you don’t need to swing a door open into the room. This means that you can arrange other bedroom furniture – the bed for example, closer to a sliding door wardrobe than you could to a hinged door fitted wardrobe.

» If contemporary style is your thing then sliding wardrobes offer a wider range of choices – doors can be made from pretty much any sheet material you can think of!

» The typically larger doors of sliding wardrobes allow you to see much more of your stored belongings without the need to step around or open additional wardrobe doors. Better access equals more conveince.

» The use of large full length mirrors on sliderobe doors can really make a bedroom look and feel more spacious – very useful in smaller bedrooms.

» The internal layout of a sliding door wardrobe is not constrained by the vertical divisions necessary with hinged door wardrobes. This creates more options for customisation of the internal layout.

Sliderobe Design

Interior of three door sliding wardrobe at Corofin

Pick Your Internal Layout

The options for laying out the internal storage space of your Sliderobes are almost limitless and will most likely include a mix of shelving, hanging rails and drawers. We can fully adapt the layout to your personal requirements and offer a range of accessories to customise further still.

Choose the Door Layout

The door layout will often be dictated by the internal layout (or vice-versa) and will also depend on the overall length of your wardrobes. The number of doors will depend on how you would like to divide up the overall length. Doors typically range in size from 600mm up to 1200mm wide.

Three Door Sliding Wardrobe In Light Oak
Sliding Wardrobes Galway

Door and Panel Type

The possibilities for your sliding wardrobe doors are endless. Choose from a wide range or combination of materials including mirror, coloured glass, solid woods, mfc panels, painted MDF and wood veneered MDF. Whether you like traditional style arch-top and shaker styles or a modern contemporary look with clean lines we will have a door panel to suit your taste.

Huge Range of Colours to Choose From

Vinyl Wardrobe Door Colours