Walk-In Wardrobes

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A walk In Wardrobe or Dressing Room is a great addition to any bedroom.  If you are lucky enough to have the space for one it is well worth taking the time to fully think through the design and layout to be sure you make the best use of all the available space. Walk-In Wardrobes offer a few advantages over other types of Fitted Wardrobe.

» A common feature of Walk In Wardrobes is that they don’t have doors. All of your belongings or clothes can be seen at a glance without the need to open and close or walk around wardrobe doors.

» A run of full height wardrobe doors in any bedroom can have the effect of closing in the room and making it look or feel smaller. This effect is reduced with Walk In Wardrobes as you can see right into them and so appreciate the full size of the room.

» Walk In Wardrobes can be a very cost effective option as you will not be spending money on doors, hinges and handles.

» The fact that walk-in wardrobes typically don’t have doors makes them a good option in small rooms where space is limited. There is no space needed for swinging open the doors.


Walk In Wardrobe Design

Walk In Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Layout

The layout of your walk in wardrobe will usually be decided by the shape and size of the room. Sometimes however there will be different options to consider such as the depth of the units or where an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped wardrobe is possible.

Choose Your Panel Type

The most widley used and cost effective panels for walk-in wardrobes are plain and wood coloured mfc panels. With over 30 colours to choose from all the traditional wood colours such as oak and walnut for example, as well as more modern off-white and grey colours are available. If you prefer the look and feel of natural wood then a wood veneered MDF panel would be an option.

Vinyl Wardrobe Door Colours
Oak Style Walk-In Wardrobes Galway

Add Your Accessories

The most common accessories we fit to our walk-in wardrobes are pull down hanging rails and internal drawer units. There are many other accessories however that can be added to a wardrobe design to enhance the functionality and style of the units. Learn more ⇒