TV Units and Display Cabinets

Serving the Galway, Mayo and Roscommon areas, as part of our custom cabinet making service we have been building living room and sitting room units for almost 15 years. Whatever your requirements – a book case, TV unit, display cabinet, entertainment system unit we can build a beautiful bespoke fitted cabinet that will really enhance the look and feel of any room.

Painted White TV and Display Cabinet
It goes without saying that the functionality of any cabinet is very important. That said though, there are however some situations where the looks of a cabinet are equally, if not even more important. This is certainly true of TV cabinets and display units. Adding a feature cabinet to your kitchen, living room or sitting room can add great value and beauty to your home. 

Deciding On Your Display Cabinet Design

If you have found this web page you are probably considering having some units built for your sitting room or living space. Deciding on what type, style or even size of unit you want can be difficult. After all, when it comes to custom built and fitted units, your alcove or wall space is more or less a blank canvas and there are few limitations to what can be achieved.

Try following the steps we have outlined below – it will help you to get a clearer idea of exactly what you would like for your living space.

Your Custom Cabinet Design Steps

Customer Cabinet Design Process

  • Decide on the general layout.
  • Choose the style you would like.
  • Pick the features you would like to have.
  • Get a quotation and professional design.

Choosing Your Layout

TV & Display Cabinet Layout Drawing
Example Layout Drawing of Custom Sitting Room Cabinets

A good starting point with any set of custom built units is to consider all of the things that will need to fit into them and then get a feel for the arrangement of those items. Typical items that are contained in TV units or display cabinets in a living room are the TV, an entertainment system, books and ornaments and maybe even fuel for the fire.

Your TV

  • What height would you like you TV at – what’s most comfortable for you.
  • What size is your TV and do you plan to upgrade to a larger TV in the future.
  • Where are the power sockets and satellite cables relative to where you would like you TV.

Your Entertainment System

  • How many items make up your entertainment system – sky box, WiFi router, play station, etc.
  • Where would you like your system components relative to you TV – above, below or somewhere else.

Your Books and Ornaments

  •  How much space do you need for books, ornaments, family photos, trophies etc.
  • Are some items larger than others – you may need a mix of different height shelving.
  • Will you need space for a single larger item like a decorative lamp for example.

Fuel For The Fire

  • Do you need space for a stack of firewood or buckets of turf.
Once you have worked your way through the list above you will begin to have at least some idea of what the layout of your sitting room or living room units might be. Now it’s time to think about the style of your custom cabinets.

Deciding On A Style

Custom Display Cabinet Style
Choosing a style for any kind of fitted units or cabinets really comes down to two things – personal taste and the existing decor of your home. Personal taste is easily satisfied – find a style you like the look of and have your cabinets built in the same or a similar style.

You will however need to match the existing decor of your home to some extent at least, whether that is traditional or modern contemporary or somewhere in between. This will result in a TV Unit or Display Cabinet that blends seamlessly into your living space.

Where To Find A Style You Like

Finding a style of cabinet you like is very easy and can quickly be accomplished with an internet search if you know where to look. We recommend the following two methods of finding examples of stylish cabinets you might like.

Search on Pinterest – Pinterest is a site where people share pictures of things they like or are interested in. Simply go to pinterest and search for TV Units and Display Cabinets. The following two links should get you started.

Sitting Room Units on Pinterest

Living Room Units on Pinterest

Search Google Images – By doing a search on google and then checking out the images results page you will find lots of examples of cabinet styles you can copy for your home. The following link should get you started.

TV and Display Cabinets on Google Images

Add Some Decorative Features

Once you have a fairly good idea set in your mind of what the layout and style of your cabinets might be it’s a good time to consider any additional features you would like to incorporate into the design. The slideshow above gives examples of some typical features you might like to consider.

Cabinet Features

  • Solid wood or wood veneered top.
  • Hand-less (push to open) doors.
  • Inset flush fitted doors.
  • Detailed mouldings – cornice or facia details.
  • Decorative glass doors or glass shelving.
  • Internal lighting.

Get A Design And Quotation

TV & DisplayCabinet Design

Why not benefit from our years of experience designing and installing made to measure TV and display cabinets around the Galway area. Send us you measurements and some details of what you have in mind or give us a call and we can arrange to call out to your home and go through the various options for your Living room or Sitting Room.