Childrens Bedrooms

Anyone who has kids in their home will be more than familiar with the task of picking toys and clothes off the floor. Young children in particular seem to accumulate toys and clothing at an alarming rate.

Unless our kids bedroom storage is well organised we can end up making regular trips to the attic with bags or boxes of surplus toys and clothes that have been outgrown all too quickly.

Keeping children’s rooms tidy – bedrooms or toy rooms – can be a big challenge. This challenge can be made a whole lot easier by having a well designed system of storage units.

Children's Bedroom Design

Small People - Small Clothes

One of the main things we take into consideration when designing wardrobes for kid’s clothes is the fact that children’s clothes are smaller than ours. Extra removable hanging rails and shelving are two features we regularly employ. This allows the storage space to be divided into smaller areas for now but increased in size later by simply moving shelves and hanging rails around.

Toys, Toys and More Toys

No children’s bedroom storage unit would be complete without making an allowance for at least some toys. Where free open wall space is available a great option is simple open shelving units. It’s amazing just how many toys can be taken up off the floor and stored away neatly in these cubby-hole style units.

Kids Bedroom Toy Storage
Homework Desk and Book Shelving

Work, Rest and Play

We know that children do a lot more than just sleep in their bedrooms. Whenever space allows it is always a good idea to incorporate a desk or table of some sort into the bedroom’s layout and design. A designated space to get busy with the crayons and do the homework later on is always a good idea.