Wardrobe Accessories and Features

Getting the internal layout of your wardrobes right is probably the most important part of the design. Sure, it’s important that your wardrobes look good but the internal layout needs to function well. There are a number of stylish and innovative accessories available for wardrobe interiors which can help to make better use of the storage space within and improve the functionality of your wardrobes considerably.

Here we take a look at examples of some of the more popular wardrobe accessories available. We can advise you on which accessories may work well for you. Contact us for more information.

Wardrobe Accessories

Interior Pull Down Hanging Rail for Wardrobe

Pull Down Hanging Rail

This pull down hanging rail is probably one of the more popular wardrobe accessories. It allows the top part of your wardrobe to be fully used for hanging clothes and is usually fitted along with a regular wardrobe hanging rail below.

Pull Out Trouser Rail

This stylish pull out trouser rail is particularly useful if you need to keep your neatly ironed trousers crease free and organised. Although this rail is a nice addition to any wardrobe it does take up quite a bit of space for the relatively small amount of storage it provides. 

Pull Out Trouser Rail
Internal Wardrobe Shoe Storage Box

Shoe Storage Box

This is a particularly nice addition to the wardrobe for the lady who loves her shoes. This type of shoe storage box keeps those lovely shoes well organised and in full view.

Pull Out Hanging Rail

Pull out hanging rails are a great option in smaller bedrooms where there is not enough space to get the full depth of a standard wardrobe unit into place. They allow for smaller wardrobe units by changing the direction of the hanging space (pull out rather than standard horizontal).

Internal Wardrobe Pull Out Hanging Rail
Wardrobe Pull Out Storage Basket

Pull Out Baskets

Pull out baskets are a little less ‘bulky’ than standard drawers and offer the advantage of allowing you to see their contents more quickly. They are particularly useful for smaller items of clothing and can work well as shoe storage also.

Shoe Rail

This type of shoe rail is specifically designed for storing shoes with heels. It is best used in shallow wardrobe units and can also be fixed directly onto open walls.

Wardrobe Shoe Storage Rail