Pink, Ivory White & Oak Trim - The Perfect Girls Bedroom

Bookcase Above Homework Desk

Sometimes it’s nice to look back on the things we’ve done – and that’s what Iv’e been doing a little of this week. It’s a sure sign you’re getting older when you completely forget something you’ve done or somewhere you’ve been (and I mean completely!). This girls bedroom fit-out for a customer in Lackagh was definitely one of those things for me. 

When I came across these old photos this morning I didn’t even recognise them at first, and then came the “oh yeah, now I remember”. Anyway I decided to post them on a blog for anyone who might be interested in looking at pretty girls bedroom pictures. 

Wardrobes on Both Sides of Bed

Ivory White Wardrobe with Bedside Locker
Ivory White Wardrobe with Bedside Locker

Units and Open Shelving Above Bed Head

Open Shelving and Cabinets above Bed

Study Desk and Book Shelves

Homework Desk and Book Shelving

Vanity Table/Make-Up Station

Vanity Table in Girls Bedroom

As children’s bedrooms go this was quite a large one which allowed us to get some nice features into the design. If you know someone who’s in the market for a new fitted bedroom be sure and pass on the link to this post – it’s sure to give them some food for thought. For more fitted wardrobe ideas check out our main wardrobes page and our wardrobes gallery.

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